About G2G Marketplace

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The G2G Marketplace was developed by Oakland County, Michigan to offer solutions from government partners and approved vendors to government agencies through an online store experience.

The goal of this initiative is to provide governments with an easy way to research, purchase and implement technology solutions and professional services. The G2G Marketplace will simplify the purchase and licensing process with pre-negotiated blanket purchase agreements so government agencies can utilize technology and services quickly.

​​​G2G Marketplace Benefits

We understand the many constraints and issues that government agencies have to deal with on a day-to-day basis because we too are government. The essence of the G2G Marketplace is about government helping government. Oakland County, Michigan created this initiative so government agencies could provide better government by working together as a collective force to provide better solutions and services to their citizens.

Through the G2G Marketplace, government agencies will benefit by:

  • Eliminating budget hours to spend time investigating vendor products and services
  • Reducing costs associated with drafting complex contracts and agreements with vendors
  • Simplifying and significantly shortening the time to consume solutions and services
  • Combining the economies of scale from shared computing resources, best practices, policies, procedures, software and licensing, thereby reducing costs
  • Working together to leverage technology for mutual benefit, therefore reducing the overall cost of government operations
  • Improving scalability, redundancy and resiliency, often not available to governments due to lack of financial or technical resources

Currently, we have nearly 1,000 registered government users across the United States and in other countries around the world.


G2G Marketplace Solutions

We believe in starting small and growing this initiative organically.  A variety of technological solutions and professional services will be available with more being added every day. For this initiative, it is not about the number, but the quality of solutions and services that we provide. Government agencies will be able to select from a variety of sought after and needed government solutions.  ​

Oakland County, MI

Oakland County, Michigan is located in southeast Michigan, immediately north of the City of Detroit. The county covers 910 square miles and encompasses 62 cities, villages and townships. Located astride the Interstate 75 corridor and at the heart of "Automation Alley", Oakland County is a world technology center. Oakland County's population is approximately 1.2 million, encompasses 440,000 parcels of property, and features one of the lowest operating tax rates in the state of Michigan. Oakland County continues to be 1 of the 36 counties in the nation with ​the coveted AAA bond ratin​g.

Oakland County, Michigan has been fostering intergovernmental cooperation by providing technology solutions to its 62 municipalities for more than 35 years. These technologies include network infrastructure, email, GIS, land and tax systems, web development and hosting and much more.

The Oakland County Department of Information Technology (IT) is a service bureau that provides Information Technology services to 82 County Divisions, more than 100 local governmental units (assessor's office, treasurer's office, law enforcement, prosecutor's office, etc.). IT is responsible for over 150 major applications consisting of more than 8,000 programs. IT provides systems support, maintenance, enhancements, and new development for all major systems applications.

Additional information can be found on Oakland County's website at www.oakgov.com​.​

The state of Michigan​​​​​​​​​